Where the Whiskey Runs

Interested in learning more about the Whiskeydaddlers? Here you can find chapters from the book “Where the Whiskey Runs – A Whiskeydaddler’s Tale” by K. Balint Hancz.

The book was discovered recently in the library at the Pettengill-Morron home in Peoria, IL. It is a fictional story about the Whiskeydaddlers of Peoria in 1896.

Jun 10
Daddle Fest

Chapter 11

The annual Whiskeydaddle Festival of 1896 was a particularly memorable one for Dan and the winning team from the Great Western. As captain of the team, Dan made sure he included daddlers from every shift at the distillery. He didn’t do this to be judicious or to avoid hurting any... read more →
Jun 03
Organ Steam Whistle

Chapter 10

At the Great Western Distillery, much like the other distilleries, a typical day for a Whiskeydaddler was a sort of varied monotony. It was monotonous because you were there to do one thing and one thing only: move whiskey barrels as quickly as possible. But it also was varied because... read more →
May 27
Robert Green Ingersoll

Chapter 9

As always was the case after a tough night’s work and several breakfasts, Dan was in the great depths of sleep which for him was filled not so much with dreams, but vivid flashbacks to moments in his life. Today’s sleep was no exception as October became July and his... read more →
May 20
Wooden Barrels Distillery

Chapter 8

While Dan spends the day in a deep, enviable sleep, work at the Great Western Distillery goes on at a breakneck pace. That’s because among the 11 distilleries on “Distillery Row” the Great Western is the biggest in both employees and amount of whiskey produced. Collectively, the businesses churned out... read more →
May 13
Main Street looking West from Adams

Chapter 7

After a hectic (but exhilarating) morning working the counter at the Post Office, Daisy was ready for lunch and a few moments of relaxation. She grabbed a book that she kept in a small cubby she was given in a common lounge the female workers shared and made her way... read more →
May 06
Main Street

Chapter 6

After eating only one breakfast, Dan heads out of Union Station into the busy Peoria morning. The streets are packed with wagons and horses and bicycles and people on this crisp autumn day. The scents of coal fire, corn mash, manure and humanity greet him as he begins the trudge... read more →
Apr 29
South Adams Street

Chapter 5

Early morning at the Post Office is the busiest time of the day, although there never really is an un-busy time, especially if you’re Postmaster Morgan. There are lots of logistics to stay on top of: what mail trains are coming in and when they are leaving, is there any... read more →
Apr 22
Union Station

Chapter 4

Just as Dan and Daisy are well into their early morning endeavors, the city of Peoria and the surrounding environs are as well. In fact, Peoria is a city that never sleeps. There’s always activity on the riverfront docks and the neverending chains of trains that come through at all... read more →
Apr 15
Post Office 1872 - Daisy

Chapter 3

While Dan’s day is ending, everyone else’s day is just starting. Take Daisy for instance. As Dan was watching the sunrise down on Peoria’s riverfront, she was watching it as she began her bike ride into town from her family’s farm on the outskirts of the city. Like Dan, Daisy... read more →
Apr 08
Great Western Distillery

Chapter 2

The whiskeydaddlers quarters are quiet now. Dan sits at the big table where they eat their meals together. Across the room are the bunk beds they built for the long days (and longer nights), and the ice chest Mr. Greenhut was nice enough to give them to keep their beer... read more →
Apr 01
Where the Whiskey Runs

Chapter 1

“…90, 91, 92, 93…” Dan stops counting and looks out at a sea of whiskey barrels before him. He has an easier time counting them if he climbs up to the top. “…94, 95, 96, 97…” As the Head Whiskeydaddler it’s his job to make sure his team has hit... read more →